Welcome to Broadtech Ltd

December 2020

BROADTECH LTD has replaced and inherited all the services of Broadcast Services Ltd (BSL)

We restructured and rebranded all professional engineering consultancy and the suite of technology services from JDA and Broadcast Services Ltd (BSL) respectively - under the new business unit, BROADTECH LTD.

Broadtech provides fully integrated services of design, installation and support services in the Radio & Television broadcasting and Maritime Communications industries.

Broadtech offers a wide range of services, from general to specialised ICT studio support systems, national communication network installations and service, to full studio equipment implementations. From state of the art production equipment, to outside broadcast logistics support and facilities, and providing comms equipment and service support to the Marine industry.

Broadtech is also the service agent for IBAK underground pipe inspection camera systems; Sennheiser, Bryston, and Profoto equipment, for which Broadtech offers a component-level repairs service to its clients.


Early predecessor Broadtech Services Ltd was formed in New Zealand in 1987 as a full service broadcast engineering company and rapidly became the country's leading private company offering a wide range of broadcasting and maintenance services.

It specialised in the design, construction and servicing of private television and radio broadcasting systems, and provided its long list of loyal clients with practical, cost-efficient solutions and logistics support.

To address the increasing demand for these services and other new opportunities in the national marketplace, Broadcast Services Ltd was created in 2001, which was then linked with technical engineering company Johnston Dick & Associates Ltd (originally formed in 1973), to work together alongside each other as THE BROADTECH GROUP umbrella.

This successful restructuring allowed us to handle any technical project: from outside broadcasts to full studio fit-outs, from satellite distribution to radio and television transmission, from radio communications link design to mobile cellular rollout and coverage prediction planning.

To manage all these services we employ qualified and experienced staff to service the various needs of our clients. Hence, the key to BROADTECH's success - our People.

Our core business allows you to concentrate on yours