Antenna Design

Many benefits can be obtained from a properly designed antenna system. For example, the transmitted signal can be directed towards the desired population and reduced in other areas. This reduces unwanted interference, maximises spectrum utilisation and can reduce transmit power requirements.

Antenna Systems Design

Broadtech has designed hundreds of antenna systems of various complexities, frequencies and powers throughout New Zealand, Samoa and Fiji. A high profile example is the FM antennas on Sky Tower. We can design systems with third-party antennas, or with antennas designed 'in house' by Broadtech.

We can generate graphs to show the types of results obtained from our computer modelling providing: the system's horizontal radiation pattern (HRP) and the vertical radiation pattern (VRP).


Once a system has been designed and a transmission site has been selected, we can enter the information obtained from our models into our coverage prediction software to predict the area covered by the antenna in its environment.