Broadtech provides on-going system support to clients in New Zealand. 

Broadtech supports several major clients in the broadcast industry with maintenance contracts for all their ICT needs. We also look after their total broadcast requirements including all studio and transmission equipment.

As part of our projects we can provide everything from general IT support to distributed virtualised server infrastructure and sophisticated communication technologies:

  • Core server infrastructure including cloud and on premises virtualisation
  • Network infrastructure including WiFi
  • Site-to-site linking via Internet tunnels or through physical hardware (microwave and laser)
  • VHF and UHF radio linking over IP
  • Internet radio streaming
  • Provision or sourcing of hardware (laptops, desktops, servers etc) at competitive prices
  • User based security, access control and capacity planning
  • Provision and installation of software
  • Managing IT aspects of new starts and departing staff



As Broadtech has grown through the years we have had to increase the infrastructure in line with the need for growth and future expansion.
The application software that we have installed and maintained over time includes;

  • Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft Windows Server
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Hyper-V and VMware
  • Exchange Server
  • Asterisk PBX
  • Linux: Arch Linux, Slackware, OpenSUSE, Raspbian and flavourless.
  • Mikrotik, Cisco, and Juniper Routers
  • Email Scanning Systems
  • Comprehensive monitoring, logging and alerting

The external clients in most cases run similar kinds of networks and in most cases we are contracted to provide a 24 / 7 call-out service to maintain their “On Air” signals and IT infrastructure. These systems include;

  • RCS Master Control
  • RCS Burli News Software
  • BSI Wave station and Simian
  • Audio Vault
  • TV3 Advanced Transmission Management System
  • Moseley Transmission Remote Control Systems and Custom Interfaces
  • Internet and Audio Streaming, using both Winamp and Microsoft Based solutions
  • Network Streaming links over dedicated links
  • Tait Radio Control systems including programming and repair
  • Custom built Microprocessor controlled Studio switching equipment, directly interfaced with the On Air Software

We have also upgraded both software and firmware (and reprogrammed) the following plant and equipment.

  • IBAK Drainage Inspection Cameras
  • Trogolotech Drainage Inspection Cameras
  • Pearpoint Drainage Inspection Cameras
  • Sennheiser radio mics
  • Tait UHF, VHF and Digital radios