Rejected Mail

Broadcast Services Ltd utilises automated systems to filter out a vast quantity of spam or malicious email that we and our clients receive constantly. These processes block 99% of unwanted email but unfortunately on rare occasions can block legitimate email messages.

If you are reading this page then you might be experiencing difficulty getting a message through our message filter. If this is the case then we would like to apologise in advance but also assure you that we will do everything we can to get your message through and also hopefully prevent future occurrences.

You can use the form below to report a mail delivery failure incident and we will investigate that for you during business hours.  However please bear in mind the following:

Our system employs grey-listing (most common cause of missing email)

  • To prevent casual bulk email scripts sending spam email to our system the system will reject an email from a host it has never seen before. It will do this a few times.
  • A legitimate mail transfer system will try re-sending the message for up to 48 hours, however how often it does this depends on the configuration of that system.
  • It could take anywhere from 15 minutes (a five minute retry interval) to a few hours (60 minute retry interval) for your email to get through
  • To work around this temporarily you can use a cloud email system like Windows Live or Gmail which are already allowed by the system.
  • If grey-listing is taking a very long time (i.e. over an hour) you can use the form below to let us know.

The primary symptom of grey-listing is not receiving any failure email but the other party claiming to have not received your email despite you having checked that you are using the correct email address and tried multiple times.

In very bad cases you might receive an email notifying you of a delay in delivering the email. A cloud based email system that uses multiple random mail transfer agents and is not known to this system might take many hours to get its message delivered, however it might just give up trying to deliver the message (in which case you will receive a delivery failure notification).

Heuristic Spam Filter

  • Certain marketing language in an email can increase its spam score to the point where a message is sent to a spam mailbox rather than to the intended recipient.
  • This is unusual but just in case try sending a short plain email to the recipient to see if email is getting through otherwise.

Our system rejects malware

  • Normally a virus or spammer will send email under your name without your knowledge, but if you are unwittingly trying to send a file with malware embedded (e.g. in some video or image formats) then it will not get through.
  • If you contact us using the form below then it can be determined if this is the case.

There is a file size limit for attachments

  • You should get an immediate rejection notice that is fairly self explanatory.
  • If possible, send multiple emails with smaller files in each one.
  • Consider using a cloud based file storage system to share large files (eg OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.)
The email address you want to use for this correspondence.
If different from your email above. e.g. If you are temporarily using a cloud based mail to get around email filtering, enter the email address you normally send from that is getting blocked.
Enter the email address you are trying to send email to (if one specifically)
If you got an email telling you that delivery failed, please copy and paste all of the text from that email in here. For security reasons we cannot accept the original email as a file attachment. If you have not received a failure email, please describe below what is happening. If you are a system administrator please also feel free to leave log entries here from your systems.
This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. It contains only ones and zeros, or on very rare occasions a two.
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