Broadtech can manage all of your spectrum needs.

If there is spectrum suitable for your application then we can find it and, if it is auctionable, we can judge its value according to market rates. 

Broadtech also conducts interference analyses to predict potential interference to or from existing services.
These can be instrumental to ensuring successful spectrum applications in some cases. 

Spectrum Licensing

Broadtech can liase with the Ministry of Economic Development on your behalf to help you acquire spectrum licenses or renew existing licenses. The Ministry knows Broadtech very well as we undertook most of the work on the TV3 Channel Plan and ALL of the work on the TV4 (C4) Channel Plan as well as the re-allocation of Coastguard marine frequencies over the country to bring New Zealand in to line with International shipping navigation requirements.

As a testament to our ability in this area, Broadtech made the original application for FM licensing at Sky Tower and eventually got licenses for 50,000 Watts approved, despite initial suggestions that the Tower would not get licensed for more than 100 Watts for FM.

Broadtech has two Approved Radio Engineers (ARE) on staff.