Turnkey Telecommunication Delivery

Broadtech has a wide range of telecommunications skills and experience that enables a single point of contact for your entire project. We take on full responsibility for scoping, design, delivery and support. We genuinely believe that working with Broadtech will reduce your implementation risks, deployment costs, and time to complete a project whilst maintaining the highest degree of safety and wellbeing.

Our skills include:

  • Wireless/Cellular network site design and build (civil/electrical/technical)
  • In-building custom coverage for Cellular, WiFi, and broadcasting, (malls, hotels, airports, stadiums or public transport)
  • Radio frequency planning/design and licencing
  • Coverage and terrain/population analysis
  • Electromagnetic emission calculations and RF hazard mapping
  • Digital mobile radio network design and build

Project Management

The primary goal of our business and particularly our PMO is to work collaboratively with our clients and partners. We have a strong preference for collaborative Agile models and these have delivered the greatest results, however we will work with any project management methodology preferred by our clients.

Typical project management tasks include:

  • Feasibility and Preliminary Costing
  • Contractor and Vendor Auditing
  • Preparation of Specification and Tender Documents
  • Tender Evaluation
  • Project Planning
  • Measurement of Quantities and Preparation of Variations
  • Validating Work in Progress
  • Quality Validation
  • Project Closure and Review

Site Acquisition, Consent and RMA

We provide a complete site acquisition service that encompasses site/candidate selection, landowner liaison and negotiating the intricacies of New Zealand’s Resource Management Act. To support the RMA process we use digital imaging to provide an accurate representation of a completed mast, antenna, or dish installation.

Equipment Supply

We have agencies for a range of carrier grade equipment from major manufacturers and provide full product support including training, technical and spares backup.


Our in-house technical skills support a wide range of external technical and rigging contractors based across New Zealand and the Pacific.

Radio Site Management

We have maintained strong relationships with our landowners for decades and have developed a range of tools to support:

  • Site and track maintenance management
  • Capex planning and forecasting
  • Landowner payment management
  • Lease and CPI reviews
  • Reach-through management
  • Co-site applications and management
  • Co-site interference assessment and management
  • Site hazard communication and management

Network Operations 24/7

To support our broadcasting infrastructure, we operate a network operations centre in Auckland and have deployed a site/system monitoring platform that provides full visibility of network status. We are able to deploy this system on client sites to provide the same level of service including the option of 24/7 callout response via regionally based technicians.