15 December 2020

[Press Release]

Broadtech and SkyFive creating the Internet of the Sky in NZ

New Zealand aims to be the first country after the European Aviation Network (EAN) to truly experience broadband connectivity in the sky, revolutionising both the air traveller experience and inflight operations, as well as enabling a wide range of practical data-intensive use cases for the local aviation industry.

Read the full press release here:   http://cmcdeploytwo.co.nz/broadtech/2020/12/15/skyfive-broadtech-group-c...


7 July 2020

JDA announces extended MCH COVID-19 transmission fee relief for eligible clients

JDA is delighted to announce that the media sector support package released by the Government to provide near term relief for media impacted by COVID-19 will be extended to provide additional funding to eligible JDA clients.

The announcement can be viewed here https://mch.govt.nz/media-sector-support-package/transmission-fee-waiver

JDA is working with the Ministry to assist our AM, FM, and Digital Terrestrial Television customers in accessing the transmission fee relief. We will be in touch to provide more detail on the process for receipt of funding of JDA transmission costs specifically, as we finalise the process.

In the first instance, we would encourage our clients to get in touch with the Ministry for Culture and Heritage with any general enquiries at media.support@mch.govt.nz

Applications for this relief are open from 7 July and will close at 5pm on 17 July 2020.

If you have any other questions about this development, please feel free to contact us.


16 June 2020

Transition in Broadtech Group leadership team

The Broadtech Group Ltd, parent company of Johnston Dick and Associates (JDA) and Broadcast Services Ltd (BSL) has implemented a transition in its leadership team that will see the founder and managing director Phil Johnston stepping down and long-time director and shareholder Merv Taylor taking on the Managing Director role.

Two new Directors have also been brought on board:

Susie Stone
Susie Stone is a respected industry professional with over 20 years’ experience at GM level in telecommunications and broadcasting businesses.

Paul Hallowes
Paul Hallowes has held various senior roles within Vodafone, Ericsson, Spark and the Rural Connectivity Group (RCG).